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Data protection notice

Legal notice

Following the judgement by the European Court of Justice that called on Germany to permit private sports betting providers and not to criminalise German sports gamblers who place their bets online, we now have a legal situation whereby licences for the German market are granted to private providers. For every bet, a tax of 5% is taken from the stake, retained and paid by the bet provider.

We work together with bet365 – a highly reputable provider with above-average odds and the broad range of side bets that we require for our bet recommendations. bet365 always pays the tax immediately, meaning the German gamblers are on the safe side legally.

There are other providers who, due to the 5% tax, no longer serve the German market or simply ‘ask’ whether you are located in Germany or not. That can easily lead to circumvention, which can be dangerous for German sports gamblers. We do not recommend such providers.

Note: Every citizen of any country is encouraged to find out about the laws in their home country to avoid the danger of illegal activity.

Bet stakes – how high?

Sports bets are still a gamble. It is possible to increase the chances of profit with knowledge, experience and strategy, but there is no guarantee of this, as no one can predict a match outcome with 100% certainty.

Members should place their bet stakes very carefully. They should never stake more than 4–6% of their monthly disposable income (after discounting fixed costs), in order to avoid the danger of ‘wanting to win back’ a certain amount after a loss.

With amounts that have already been won, the member should never stake the entire amount in one week, so that the whole budget is not lost if the bets do not come in. It is important that bet stakes only continually increase once corresponding profits have been made.

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