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What happens to my data?


Data protection declaration

We, UG, confirm to the customer that all data provided to us by the member as part of registration is only collected, processed and used insofar as this is necessary for implementation, lawful fulfilment and handling of this business relationship.

The member consents to the storage of their personal data. They can view, verify and correct this data, and have it deleted if required, at any time. UG adheres to current data protection regulations with regard to the personal data of the member. The data is handled in strict confidentiality. UG takes precautions, within the limits of reasonable technical possibilities, to prevent possible access to the member’s data by unauthorised third parties.

Insofar as the data requested by UG is used to optimise its service, it will only be processed anonymously. Links will be tracked using third-party technologies (e.g. cookie-tracking technology), during which processes your data protection will always be fully maintained. UG informs the member that for the purposes of implementing the contract, in particular the purposes of transactions and invoicing, third parties (e.g. PayPal) will be tasked with collecting debts and will be provided with the aforementioned data. In such cases, the third parties are obligated by UG to adhere to the aforementioned restrictions.

Further use of personal data does not take place without the express consent of the member.

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