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The betting philosophy


Bookmakers live off gamblers who want to make the biggest possible profit from the smallest possible stake. The desire is understandable, but in reality risky bets rarely come in and in the long term very rarely bring overall profit.

We rely on matches that appear safe, which have comprehensible outcomes and are substantiated with experience and knowledge. The sophisticated combination strategy ensures profits if just 50–60% of the matches are correctly predicted. 

Who is allowed to bet where?


The situation in Germany changed fundamentally as of July 2012. German sports gamblers were immediately allowed to bet online, even when on German soil (this was previously forbidden). The individual federal states granted licences to various sports betting providers, who must ensure that a 5% tax on every stake is paid to the tax authorities.

Note: Every citizen of any country is encouraged to find out about the laws in their home country to avoid the danger of illegal activity.

Bet stakes – how high?


Sports bets are still a gamble. It is possible to increase the chances of profit with knowledge, experience and strategy, but there is no guarantee of this, as no one can predict a match outcome with 100% certainty.

Members should place their bet stakes very carefully. They should never stake more than 4–6% of their monthly disposable income (after discounting fixed costs), in order to avoid the danger of ‘wanting to win back’ a certain amount after a loss.

The betting systems


With their calculations, our experts ensure the best results with the lowest possible chances of losses. Bets are placed on ‘relatively safe’ matches with odds of 1.40 to 2.20 (exceptions under special circumstances are possible). The composition of the combination bets makes profits possible with a correct-selection rate of just 50%. With a correct-selection rate of 60–80%, we achieve profits of 70–150% on the stake.

What happens to my data?


Data protection declaration

We, UG, confirm to the customer that all data provided to us by the member as part of registration is only collected, processed and used insofar as this is necessary for implementation, lawful fulfilment and handling of this business relationship.