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How it works

The secret of success:

Sports experts and mathematical boffins

It’s all about the right mix: a small – but superior – community of sports experts and odds boffins develop the successful gaming systems week by week, which you can put to use for your own success. The European football leagues provide the basis for our Classics tips. Our experts are aware of every change in manager and player injury – all the important information that can influence a match outcome. Additional experts in our team work on the German handball Bundesliga (first and second divisions), tennis and boxing. New experts have also joined us to skilfully cover the Interconti area since June 2018 and process US basketball, baseball, American football, snooker and darts.

The betting systems

We differentiate between two systems – the Interconti tips and the Classics tips. The two systems are described below. As a special feature, by popular request there is also an all-inclusive variant that guarantees the optimum in performance.

The Interconti tips

After eight years of successful sports betting advice, we introduced our new ‘Interconti’ segment in June 2018, following an extensive test phase. This brings a variety of interesting new sports: US basketball, American football, baseball – but also snooker, darts and other sports play the main role here.

The Classics tips

As the name suggests, these are primarily European football tips and international tennis recommendations that we have been offering with a high level of success for many years and continue to be a core component of our newly expanded overall offer.

Control of the stakes is important for both series. We offer bet stakes between one unit and ten units. This should represent the weighting you choose, too. Multiply the number of units by your chosen factor, calculated using reliable money management.

If new daily tips are published at ‘unusual’ times (at night or in the early morning due to time difference), we will send you an email so that no tips are missed. Otherwise, you can usually access our tips by checking the recommended bets at 6 p.m., 11.30 p.m. and in the early morning until 11 a.m.

The all-inclusive offer

We bet for you – on your bet365 account

Many people do not have time to place our recommended bets almost around the clock. Some people struggle somewhat with highly specialised bets (Asian handicap, draw no bet, etc.), but the biggest shortcoming is very often that the bets cannot be hedged live due to a lack of time, which does not help performance. That is why we have the ‘all-inclusive offer’, in which we place the bets for you on your own account and hedge them if necessary.

You can very easily test the procedure – there is no contractual fuss and everything is organised with minimal bureaucracy. If you want to stop or take a break, just let us know. Aside from the standard access charge, we only take a fee of 10% of profits if the bet365 account was opened via the link on our site. If this is not the case, we charge a 15% profit commission, on a monthly basis in each case. Get involved ...

The betting philosophy

Bookmakers live off gamblers who want to make the biggest possible profit from the smallest possible stake. The desire is understandable, but in reality risky bets rarely come in and in the long term very rarely bring overall profit.

We rely on matches that appear safe, which have comprehensible outcomes and are substantiated with experience and knowledge. The convincing philosophy of our strategy aims for profit, but even more so on avoiding losing the stake.  We do not offer wins in the millions, but continuous, medium-sized profits – you decide the amount via your stake.

Be careful! For your own security, we recommend not setting your stakes too high to begin with, but increasing them little by little with achieved profits. Set an amount as the total budget. This amount forms the basis for reliable money management.

Bet stakes – how high?

Sports bets are still a gamble, albeit with a scientific background. It is possible to increase the chances of profit with knowledge, experience and strategy, but there is no guarantee of this, as no one can predict a match outcome with 100% certainty.

Members should place their bet stakes very carefully. They should never stake more than 4–6% of their monthly disposable income (after discounting fixed costs), in order to avoid the danger of ‘wanting to win back’ a certain amount after a loss.

With amounts that have already been won, the member should never stake the entire amount in one week, so that the whole budget is not lost if the bets do not come in. It is important that bet stakes only continually increase once corresponding profits have been made.

With a total budget of 500.00 euros, for example, we recommended placing bets with a factor of 12. Three recommended units would then mean a bet with a stake of 36.00 euros. From experience, this value makes a total loss very unlikely.


We have been testing our match and combination systems for over eight years. Again and again, new ideas have been discussed, empirical data has been integrated into the betting philosophy and the security criteria – no losses if possible, or only small ones – have been optimised.

The fees

1 week of Classics tips or Interconti tips   €6.95
1 month of Classics tips or Interconti tips (4 weeks) €24.95
3 months of Classics tips or Interconti tips (13 weeks) €69.90

1 year of Classics tips or Interconti tips

(52 weeks) €250.00

Discounts when ordering both series under ‘Become member’ and ‘Super Combo’

1 week of Super Combo with Classics tips and Interconti tips   €12.95
1 month of Super Combo with Classics tips and Interconti tips (4 weeks) €39.90
3 months of Super Combo with Classics tips and Interconti tips (13 weeks) €119.90

1 year of Super Combo with Classics tips and Interconti tips

(52 weeks) €395.00


The statistics

Visitors to can study the quarterly results of the Classics tips since 2016 and the weekly results of the Interconti tips since June 2018 by clicking on ‘Statistics’.

The newsletter

If new daily or strategy tips are put online at unusual times, we will inform you of this in a brief email – as is the case with the previous day’s results. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, please let us know via the contact form or remove delivery via ‘My account’ and ‘Edit’.

What do I need to know as a betting beginner?

Absolutely nothing. You receive easily comprehensible instructions from us on how placing bets works with various bookmakers. As a member, you can read how the bet stakes for the Interconti series and Classics tips are laid out in the ‘Sports bets news’ section.

If you have any questions ...

... then ask us via the contact form. We respond to every enquiry gladly and quickly, as this is simply part of competent consultation. We are available ‘almost’ around the clock.

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